The Hallmark Jewellers Buying Group (THJ)

Bringing independent Retail Jewellers and associated Trade Suppliers together

The Hallmark Jewellers Buying Group (THJ), was established in the North West of England in 1986 by a group of independent retail jewellers to enhance and optimise business.

Today THJ Group continues to operate on the principals set in place by it’s founder members, namely to negotiate and optimise preferential discounts and trading terms with a wide portfolio of suppliers whilst acting as a hub for quick, confidential networking between like-minded professionals.

THJ Group operates with a simple management structure and minimal administration costs, enabling membership fees to remain extremely competitive with excess funds being re-invested within the group. Furthermore, the group does not take a fee from suppliers; ALL group discounts are passed in full directly to members. There is NO central buying, NO central invoicing and members are NOT required to make any specific purchases. Members of THJ Group remain completely independent and retain their individual identity.

The Hallmark Jewellers Group is the fastest growing Buying Group in the UK.

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